Herd Sires

We have assembled a tremendous group of herd bulls for 2017 to move our program forward. These bulls have all been selected to compliment our newly expanded cow herd and produce calves that will make our customers money.

DVE Davidson Howard 3E

Registration Number: CDGV162275
Breeder:  Davidson Gelbvieh, SK
Owner:  Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire:  DVE Davidson The Gift 110B
Dam: DVE Davidson Ms Secret 44B

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Looking to add to our red power arsenal, we purchased Howard as the high selling bull from the 2018 Davidson Gelbvieh production sale. Having seen his sire as a calf, we were impressed by the depth and thickness this pedigree contains. Howard maximizes that thickness into an explosively long sided package. Used primarily on red hided females this spring, his first calves will hit the ground Spring 2019.

MDR N.H. Blackout 7412E

Registration Number: AMGV1396471
Breeder:  Dobson Ranch, OK
Owner:  Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND and Dobson Ranch
Sire:  JKGF New Horizon C51 ET
Dam: MDR Barbi 412B

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We purchased this homozygous black & polled New Horizon son as the high seller from the 2018 Oklahoma Sooner Select sale. Blackout combines an awesome EPD profile with stellar ultrasound results, posting a 16.85″ ribeye with a 4.12 IMF – numbers that are easily top 1% for a purebred Gelbvieh. Blackout is a bull who is destined to make his mark on the breed in the future.

RWG Exact Combination 7409

Registration Number: CDGV163329
Breeder:  Royal Western Gelbvieh, AB
Owner:  Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND and Royal Western Gelbvieh
Sire:  RWG Right Combination 5506
Dam: RWG Hadie 3505

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The first son of the record setting Right Combination! We saw this dark red meat machine at Agribition as a calf, and he immediately struck us as the best red bull we’ve seen in quite a while. We purchased him out of The Gathering in December, 2017 for $44,000 for half interest and half possession, setting a record for the Gelbvieh breed in Canada. EC was National Champion Bull Calf at 7 months, and Reserve Spring Calf at NWSS. We’re looking forward to big things from this young stud!

DCHD GBG Dozer 039D

Registration Number: AMGV1368916
Breeder:  Golden Buckle Gelbvieh
Owner:  Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire:  DVE Davidson McGraw 21B
Dam: DCHD Golden Buckle Gelv 039Z

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This young red sire was purchased in 2017 from the Golden Buckle sale as the high selling lot of the day. Dozer is a bull who makes everyone look at him twice – big ribbed, thick quartered, but with neck extension and a front 1/3 that will wow you. We used him successfully on both heifers and aged females with an 82 pound average BW. His 2018 calves are an impressive group and we’re excited to see his 2019 calf crop.

PHG Legacy D05

Registration Number: AMGV1352941
Breeder: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh
Owner: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire: WRS Silent Stan 20S
Dam: PHG Linda Y26

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Legacy was a member of our 2017 NWSS Pen of 3. We made the decision early on that Legacy had a place in our herd bull lineup. Legacy packs a ton of thickness into his calves, in a phenotypically pleasing package. Exceptionally smooth made, Legacy is passing his depth and thickness along to his progeny exactly as we had hoped. Look for his first offspring in our 2019 sale!

Eminence E02

Registration Number: AMGV1389102
Breeder: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh
Owner:Chimney Butte Ranch and Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire: BABR Dominance 4280B
Dam: DDN Belly River Amber 56A

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Eminence is possibly the best bull to ever leave Prairie Hills Gelbvieh. After being slapped as the 2018 Bull Futurity Champion, he was the anchor in our Reserve National Champion Pen of 3 Bulls at NWSS. An outcross pedigree that should work on a variety of females, we look forward to hearing the first reports of his calves. He will play a big part in our AI program going forward!

PHG Enigma E32

Registration Number: AMGV1388691
Breeder: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh
Owner: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND and Jen-Ty Gelbvieh
Sire: RWG Yikes 1512
Dam: PHG Alanis A65

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Enigma holds the distinction of being the first bull from the US to win the Canadian Gelbvieh Bull Futurity in 2017. This powerful Yikes son was a crowd favorite due to his softness and thickness, in a very striking package. Due to an injury before breeding season he saw very limited use in the summer of 2018. We look forward to big things from this sire in the future though!


Registration Number: #AMGV1289276
Breeder: Wes & Brittney Spencer
Owner: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire: CTR Sandhills 0065X
Dam: Cindy Lou Who ET

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We purchased Dominance as one of the high selling bulls out of the 2015 Beastrom Ranch sale. He was a member of their Reserve Champion NWSS Pen of Three bulls. After seeing him in Denver, we appreciated the softness and structure that he offered, while still being a performance oriented bull. Our first set of Dominance calves his the ground in the spring of 2016 and we are very impressed. As a group, his bull calves offer awesome thickness and performance, while his daughters are always the first ones spotted in the pasture for their depth and capacity. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this great bull!


Registration Number: #AMGV1278799
Breeder: Davidson Gelbvieh
Owner: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire: Davidson Trump 63W
Dam: Davidson Ms Cadillac 160Y

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When we purchased Jackson from Davidson Gelbvieh in 2014 we were looking for a new red ‘power’ bull. We ended up with much more. Jackson is proving to be more of a multi-purpose tool than originally expected. His first year he was used exclusively as a heifer bull and averaged 76 pounds. We then bred him to a mixture of heifers and cows, and his 2016 calf crop is truly impressive, with his bull calves averaging 859 pounds at weaning! One of the biggest trademarks of a Jackson calf is their disposition. As a sire group, every one is curious and easy to work with. Jackson is looking like an excellent outcross to red genetics common in the United States.


Registration Number: #AMGV1322836
Breeder: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Owner: Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, Gladstone, ND
Sire: Davidson Payday 59W
Dam: 5038R

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When Payday got hurt in 2015, we started looking for a son to retain to replace him. Paycheck quickly rose through the ranks as the stand out of the Payday sons. This bull drove a lot of people crazy during sale season in 2016 – no matter where we tried to hide him, people kept finding him. Combining Payday with a Fearless daughter we purchased from Beastrom Ranch, he is the right combination of thickness with style. As he’s matured and covered cows, he’s retained his softness and is truly impressive. His first calves will arrive in the spring of 2017 and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival!

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